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DSHI announces receipt of first prototype generators

After a prolonged period trying to acquire a 'product specific' generator for the EnerTree, DSHI is pleased to announce that the first family of generators designed and developed for this specific application were received at the EnerDynamic R&D Facility.

'Up until now, we have had to compromise by modifying various turbines and generators to adapt them to the specific requirements of an EnerTree. We have tested many different models with varying results, so having our own purpose built model is very exciting.' said CEO Tom Bryson. 'When you develop something new, it is virtually impossible to collect off the shelf components to assemble into a robust useable product.' he added.

The first series of purpose built generators have most of the key features specified by EnerDynamic, such as;

* Internal wiring that is housed in the output shaft to keep them out of the elements 

* A fully sealed aluminum housing with drilled and tapped locators for ease of assembly 

* A brushless and coreless design that reduces friction and requires less starting torque

'Our next step will be to experiment with our proprietary intellectual property that uses offset rotors with staggered magnetic array.' Bryson concluded.

About Company: 

DSHI is a clean technology company focused on alternative energy products for the global market. DSHI develops, commercializes, and licenses a range of viable and innovative solutions for the global energy, transportation, telecommunications and water purification industries.

For more information on Dynamic Systems Holdings Inc., visit our website at Dynamic Systems.

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